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Yakushima Island Walking Tour of Yakusugi Cedar Forest

from US$ 352
Yakusugi is the Japanese cedar on the island of Yakushima. On this tour, enjoy walking in the ancient cedar forests of Yakushima island. The forests of Yakushima i ...

Duration: 6 hours

Trekking Tour of Shiratani-Unsuikyo

from US$ 352
Explore the mossy green forest of Shiratani-Unsuikyo on Japan's Yakushima Island on this 3- to 7-hour guided tour from Isso and Kurio. In a small group of no more t ...

Duration: 7 hours

Sengan-en Entrance Ticket

from US$ 11
In Kagoshima, deep in the south of Kyushu, across the bay from a smoking active volcano, lies the stately home of one of Japan’s most powerful samurai clans, the S ...

Duration: 1 to 5 hours
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Shimadzu Clan Samurai Warrior Experience

from US$ 102
Experience being a samurai warrior at Sengan-en, UNESCO World Heritage Site and stately home and gardens of the powerful Shimadzu Clan!

Be dressed in authent ...

Duration: 45 minutes

Visit unknown samurai village

from US$ 77
This is a walking tour to visit the historic sites of a samurai residential area with a history of over 400 years. This is not a famous tourist destination, so it is ...

Duration: 4 hours

Kagoshima Sightseeing Tour

from US$ 147
It is a popular course to sightseeing the sights and historical sites in Kagoshima city efficiently by sightseeing bus

Duration: 4 hours

Make Character Obento

from US$ 69
With the help of your native host, you will get hands-on training from a professional chef. You'll learn how to cut and make food into animal shapes. Also, you'll le ...

Duration: 3 hours

Full Day Trekking Tour to the Granite Obelisk in Yakushima

from US$ 352
Yakushima is a subtropical mossy green island off the coast of Kyushu.  It is covered by an extensive ancient cedar forest with trees more than 1000 years old. Isl ...

Duration: 9 hours

Kagoshima Chiran And Ibusuki Sightseeing

from US$ 254
It is a course around Kagoshima city sightseeing spots of Ibusuki (Iwasaki art museum,Nagasakibana Observatory, Lake Ikeda,Chiran Samurai Residence).

Duration: 9 hours

Stream Climbing Experience in Yakushima

from US$ 211
Experience one of the most charming areas on the Japanese island of Yakushima on this 3.5-hour stream climbing tour. In a small group of no more than four people, pr ...

Duration: 3 hours 30 minutes

Bicycle Tour and Quiz

from US$ 72
This bicycle tour includes a few of the most popular sightseeing spots in Kagoshima as well as a few that even the locals don't now about. It is a leisurely course t ...

Duration: 3 hours

Kagoshima Butcher's Private Kitchen Experience

from US$ 75
Experience the quality of IWAMOTO meat products at Restaurant KICHIZAEMON over a dinner in a simple and casual setting, wherein the main dishes only use Kagoshima Ku ...

Duration: 2 hours

Kagoshima Distillery One Day Tour

from US$ 175
Kagoshima’s food culture is always with fermentation. The warm climate gives the variation of the unique food culture. Kurozu, Kagoshima miso, Yamagawa zuke (Daiko ...

Duration: 8 hours

Kagoshima Open Top Bus

from US$ 40
Let’s have a special moment on “Kagoshima Open Top Bus” in the city! This tour covers the highlight sight seeing spots of Kagoshima city.
TABITTO Mate (Eng ...

Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Kagoshima Kimono Photo Shoot Tour

from US$ 230
Why don't you make a special memory by photo shooting in Kagoshima, where the last samurai lived? It would be a great experience walking in Kimono in photogenic loca ...

Duration: 2 hours

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