Population of  BULGARIA

Population of BULGARIA

Bulgaria, with a population of around 7,000,000 people, spread over an area of 111,000 km2.
Economy of  BULGARIA

Economy ofBULGARIA

Bulgaria has a free and industrialized market economy, with a large moderately advanced private sector and a number of strategic state-owned companies.
Bulgarias GDP per capita, in 2018, was ? 7,800 per capita.

Main destinations in BULGARIA

Localización de  BULGARIA

Location of BULGARIA

Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe, in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Turkey, Greece and the Black Sea.
History of  BULGARIA

History of BULGARIA

Prehistoric cultures settled in Bulgarian lands include the Neolithic culture of Hamangia and the culture of Vinca (5-3 millennium BC), the culture of Varna in the eneolithic (5th millennium BC) and the culture of Ezero of the Bronze Age. The Karanovo chronology serves as an indicator of prehistory in the Balkan region.

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