Las Chinchillas National Reserve

Las Chinchillas National Reserve. Illapel - CHILE

Las Chinchillas National Reserve is located in the province of Choapa Illapel commune covers an area of 4229. ha.

Access Routes
From La Serena to Illapel, 300 kilometers south along Route 5.
The Reserve is reached by the road connecting with Combarbalá to Illapel, 15 miles northeast of the city. This route crosses the unit on a stretch of 5 km.
The approximate travel time from La Serena, is 4 hours and 30 minutes.

Tourist Information
Management Area: The administration of the reserve is located in the area of Aucó, 5 kilometers from the entrance.

Camping and picnic areas:
These areas are located in the area called El Espinal, 1 kilometer from the administration.

Pathways to Performance:
Located immediately adjacent to the area of El Espinal, 1 kilometer from the administration. On your way you can appreciate habitats characteristic of the Chinchilla, with the possibility of appreciating the scenery and panoramic views of a sample of species of flora semiráridos ecosystem.

Environmental Information Center: One of the places where it makes environmental education, using the samples displayed, corresponding to the relevant resources of the natural history of the unit. Here also is the Nocturama.

The reserve is located in a predominantly mining minerals found inside gold and copper, which are not exploited today are not compatible with the heritage protection activities Silvestre.

Recommendations to visitors:
It is forbidden to light fires in unauthorized areas.
I wish to refrain from smoking while visiting. So to prevent forest fires.
Do not throw garbage or destroy vegetation.
Do not cut the flowers and discourage wildlife sector.
Enjoy a pollution-free area.

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