Tricao Park

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Tricao Park. San Antonio - CHILE

Direccion: Avenida Las Brisas, 4,25 km Santo Domingo, Region de Valparaiso
Phone: +56 9 9227 9132

The Tricao Park was born in 2006 with the construction of an artificial lagoon of 15 hectares, it is a private non-profit park that seeks to create a unique space in Chile, with different ecosystems and different activities for people and for all ages.

The park has an area of ??more than 120 hectares, where you can appreciate the rescue of the native forest of the coastal creeks of the central zone of Chile and the imposing dam that is shaping the bottom of the streams, tracing the silhouette of the park, where you can admire the recovery of wetlands and original fauna of the area.

What to see and what to do in Tricao Park
The park is very large, but you can go a great part in one day, but nevertheless we guarantee that you will be happy with little, since you will surely spend a lot of time in the different sectors that the park has, which we highlight:

Immersed in the unique nature of Parque Tricao, an unparalleled regional space is born, the largest aviary in South America, where more than 50 exotic species are housed that fly freely in a controlled space, transforming themselves into an invaluable sample of birds from other parts. of the world.

They are about 2 hectares and 27 meters high, which are covered by a 3x3 mm stainless steel mesh, unique in its type and with the highest quality standards, which was brought from England and is anchored to earth with tensors and pillars. Among the most outstanding species is the ECL?TICO PARROT, several types of TURACOS, the Revered FAIS?N, the ARCO?RIS and BORNEO PARROTS, the METALLIC MIRLO and the MANDAR?N DUCK.

Giverny Wetland:
A garden of water, the famous bridge covered by wisteria, where perspectives, symmetries and colors prevail, each flower and its tonality seems the brushstroke of a painting ... such are the famous gardens of Giverny in France, which inspired the precursor of impressionism Claude Monet to create his most famous works.

Under this idea the Giverny Wetland is born in the heart of the Tricao Park, where through its paths you can walk among the ancient native trees that hang from the ravines, the characteristic story bridges and the lotus flowers in the water.

In addition to being a means of traveling through the dam, you can see the streams from a different perspective, crossing the park by its spine.
Departing from the Plaza de la Virgen, it is the perfect way to transfer to the Giverny Wetland. As a kind of ferry, the raft works to connect the two ends of the park respecting the birds and their nesting places, being an opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna and how they develop in their habitat. The rafts leave from the docks located in the plaza tricahue and in the wetland. The first raft leaves at 9:00 continuing each hour from each dock.

How to get to Tricao Park
From Santiago
You must leave Santiago in a west direction on Route 78 (Autopista del Sol). Once on the highway we have 2 options to get to Santo Domingo:
-Kilometer 90, take exit Leyda - Santo Domingo south. (16 kilometers of simple road)
-Kilometer 104, take the exit towards LLolleo - Santo Domingo heading south. (10 kilometers of double track)

At the entrance to Santo Domingo, continue on the H-66 (Carretera de la fruta) route, 8 kilometers south, until you reach the entrance of the Las Brisas de Santo Domingo condominium.

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