Aconquija National Park

Aconquija National Park. San Miguel de Tucuman - ARGENTINA

Aconquija National Park is located a short distance to the west of the city of San Miguel de Tucumán, was created in 1936, for forest reserve.
It has an approximate area of ​​70,000 hectares, where the ecoregions of the Yungas and the High Andes are mixed, highlighting important transitional environments.

Flora and Fauna
Fauna: There are more than 400 species of vertebrates, including guanacos, puma, the mountain fox, the coati, the gray fox, river wolves, the Andean cat, the mountain frog and the ocelot.
Flora: the presence of the alder of the hill (Alnus acuminata) stands out, which precisely gives the name to the Campo de los Alisos portal.

How to get to Aconquija National Park
From Tucumán to Concepción by National Route 38, approx. 75 km. from Concepción to Alpachiri by National Route 65, aprox 17 km and from there by prov. 330 (consolidated gravel road 12 km to the entrance to the Park and 3 km more to reach the area of ​​public use in the Santa Rosa area.

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