Mono Araña

Spider monkey.   -
Spider monkey.   -
Spider monkey.   -
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Spider monkey.   -
Spider monkey.   -

Spider monkey

Familia: Atelidae
Subfamilia: Atelinae
Genero: Ateles
Nombre Cientifico: Ateles

Local names: spider monkey, maquisapas, marimondas, marimonos, koatás or atelos

These primates may be thin, but they are large compared to other monkeys in the New World. The length range is usually from 35 to 66 centimeters. The black-headed spider monkey measures from 39.3 to 53.8 centimeters in length. The males weigh 8.89 to 11 kilograms, while the females weigh an average of 8.8 to 9.66 kilos.
The name Ateles refers to the absence of an opposable thumb in the species of the genus; it only has a vestigial appendix.
They live in tropical forests, from Mexico to Brazil.

They live in territorial groups of 6 to 30 individuals, who share an area of 90 to 250 hectares and look for food in the trees during the day, at an average height of 15 m, in subgroups of 2 to 8 monkeys. They eat fruits, seeds, leaves, bark and wood.

Countries where lives Mono Araña


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