Guide of Fauna


  • Familia: Chinchillidae
    Genero: Lagidium
    Nombre Cientifico: viscacia

    Habitat: Andean areas in dry and rocky. Both in the Andes and the coast.

    Features: mammal that lives mostly in rocky places where they can hide easily. And puma boot harassment.

    Vizcacha is found mostly in the south of the Atacama Region. But also in sectors Qda. Carrizalillo (Cerrillos) and San Miguel. Rather like a hare, except the long tail with a strong coat.

    Vizcacha with the Carpincho is part of the largest indigenous group of rodents. And is abundant in certain regions, a real plague, despite the constant persecution.

    Hunting is allowed in most areas where they live.

    It is a great builder of tunnels. Generally strong area of hills and a few centimeters of the surface, makes large numbers of these subcorredores.

    A man can pass over without notice, not the horse sniff the vizcacheras and refuses to move because usually crumble under the weight of the animal.

    The vizcacha attack all types of plant roots and cause damage to crops, so they are always fighting.

    His habits are nocturnal. Arriving at night, first comes the oldest male (Vizcachón "), then warns the rest if there is any danger, and you have not, leaving all members of vizcachera.

    The meat is white and the vizcacha very delicious, suitable for human consumption is exported to European markets and their skin is placed on the fur industry.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Vizcacha


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