Lobo Ártico

Arctic Wolf.   -
Arctic Wolf.   -
Arctic Wolf.   -
Arctic Wolf.   -
Arctic Wolf.   -

Arctic Wolf

Familia: Canidae
Genero: Canis
Nombre Cientifico: lupus

Local Names: arctic wolf, polar wolf, white wolf.
The main characteristic that distinguishes it among all kinds of wolf is its white coat.

Its length oscillates between one and two meters, including the tail being the males bigger than the females. Its height varies from 63 to 78 cm, being more compact than the common wolves with an average weight of 45 kg, with adult specimens reaching up to 80 kg. They usually have small ears, which helps them retain body heat.

They are distributed throughout North America, reaching the north of Greenland and maintaining large numbers through the Canadian Arctic archipelago. It lives in cold terrains and with hostile temperatures of up to -30 degrees Celsius. Its thick and abundant coat works as insulation from wind and snow.

Countries where lives Lobo Ártico


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