Llaca, Guia de Fauna. RutaChile.   -
Llaca, Guia de Fauna. RutaChile.   -

Llaca, Guia de Fauna. RutaChile

Familia: Didelphidae
Genero: Thylamys
Nombre Cientifico: elegans

Common name: llaca, yaca.
Distribution: Chile, lives in the relict forests of the IV Region (Fray Jorge National Park) and adjacent areas, central Chile and mountain foothills, to the Biobío Region (VIII).

Habitat: bushes of thorns and forests.

Description: similar to a small laucha, long-tailed, pointed, long snout and sharp teeth, eyes surrounded by a dark spot. Silky coat, dense, gray on the back and very clear on the belly.

Behavior: is nocturnal and sleepy winter. Carnivore that eats insects, chicks and eggs of birds; small mammals and fruits.

Countries where lives Llaca


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