Guide of Fauna


  • Familia: Felidae
    Subfamilia: Felinae
    Genero: Leopardus
    Nombre Cientifico: colocolo

    The Colocolo, technically called Lynchailurus Colocolo, is also known to be called Pampas cat.

    It is a medium-sized carnivore, about 1.5 in length. It is a cat who is distinguished by having strong fangs and also a prepared molars, which have pointed filudas, also it has huge claws that both are retractable, owns excellent night vision and has a fast and flexible body.

    It is a mammal that walks with his fingers what is known as digitígrado.Tiene small ears and a very rough tongue. The roughness of his tongue because their buds are directed backwards.

    This cat has a fairly long coat and is usually yellow or gray and has dark lines on the part of the shoulders and neck. In the present cross-legged and very dark stripes.

    It is an animal with pointed ears and a broad face. It reproduces once a year, with a litter of one to three cubs after 80 days gestation.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Colocolo