Guide of Birds

Tordo músico

  • Familia: Icteridae
    Genero: Agelaioides
    Nombre Cientifico: badius

    Local names: Tordo musician, Cowboy Musician, Tordo Mulato, Tordo Bayo

    The plumage of the body is brownish gray, with a black spot between the eye and the beak. Its tail is black as well as the beak and legs. The wings show a contrasting cinnamon color.

    The musician thrush (Agelaioides badius), is a species of bird in the Icteridae family. It is found in the genus Agelaioides, but it had traditionally been placed in the genus Molothrus. It is found in the northern half of Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, southern Paraguay and central Brazil, coregistros, possibly the result of escapes from cage birds, in central Chile.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Tordo músico