Guide of Birds

Loica Peruana

  • Familia: Icteridae
    Genero: Sturnella
    Nombre Cientifico: bellicosa

    It is from Ecuador, passing along the coast of Peru to northern Chile, where it is found from the next oasis valleys Arica until Quillagua, in the region of Antofagasta in Chile.

    Males are black with brownish throat and chest bright red. Females are duller color and striped males. Its length is about 20 cm.

    Habitat: Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry scrub vegetation of intertidal wetlands, grasslands desert, oasis and wet thickets, from sea level to about 1000 meters.

    Your way to fly is characterized by a similar wiggle woodpeckers. They feed mainly on insects and some seeds.

    Usually nest on the ground under a bush or a clump of grass. Creates a domed nest with woven plant fibers. The position is 3 to 5 eggs. The Shiny Cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis) usually reproductively parasitism.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Loica Peruana


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