Guide of Birds

Tagua Gigante

  • Familia: Rallidae
    Genero: Fulica
    Nombre Cientifico: Fulica gigantea

    NAME (S) LOCAL (S):
    Tagua, giant coot, Ajoya.

    high mountains of Tarapaca

    lakes and lagoons in the area of ??the highlands.

    Length: 62-66 cms.
    Head and neck black. Apizarrado rest of the body of blackish color. Front shield yellow center white stripe running down to the basal third of the upper jaw; rest of dark red beak and pale yellow tip. Large paws with long red nails.

    The giant Tagua is the largest of the Taguas living in the territory. They live in lakes and lagoons of the Altiplano, to heights that even exceed 4,000 meters, such as Cotacotani Lake (4,800 m.). They feed on plants and build huge platforms-nests where they lay their eggs during the time of posture, which takes place twice a year, in August and then in December.

    Platforms-nests measuring up to 3 x 2 mts. and are able to withstand even a person, they are used year after year, being enlarged all the time with the same aquatic plants that feed, to lay their eggs in a cup arranged in different parts of the large nest each season. The eggs are soft gray color with dark red paint and size of 66 mm. x 45 mm. app.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Tagua Gigante


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