Guide of Birds

Pingüino Rey

  • Familia: Spheniscidae
    Genero: Aptenodytes
    Nombre Cientifico: patagonicus

    Local Names: king penguin, King Pinguino

    It is the second largest penguin in the world (13 kg in weight and 85 to 95 cm in height). Due to the long brown down of the pups some researchers thought it was another species that they called "Hairy Penguin" or "Woolly Penguin". They can travel hundreds of kilometers in search of food.

    It nests in the coasts of little elevation not far from the sea, whose beaches are very stony or sandy. They are rarely found on soils covered by ice or snow.

    The upper part of his chest, at the level of the throat, is yellowish orange, bordered by a black line, with a gray-colored back that goes down to the tail. Its belly is whitish, and its head black and armed with a long, pointed beak and partially orange. Their legs are adapted to swim in the water.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Pingüino Rey