Guide of Birds

Loro Tricahue

  • Familia: Psittacidae
    Genero: Cyanoliseus
    Nombre Cientifico: patagonus

    Local Name: Tricagüe, barranquero parrot

    Distribution in Chile: between the south of Atacama and Valdivia

    Habitat: Forested areas at the foot of the mountain ranges.

    Length: 43 - 47 cms.
    Head and loin dark olive. White area surrounding the eye. Upper breasts whitish and lower olive green. Abdominal, legs, back and yellow supracaudal. Center of the orange abdomen. Subcaudales yellow olivaceo. Olive canopy covers. Blue primaries with grayish internal beard. Olivaceous gray tail. Dark gray hook and short hook. Pale pink legs

    Easily identifiable by its large size, long tail and the bright yellow of the abdomen, the Tricahue has the same Choroy characteristic: gregarious and boisterous. The hubbub of the flock is heard far away, whether they are in flight or camouflaged among the branches of the trees.

    To nest, it prefers caves in ravines, which also use the bedroom almost all year round. Hence, it is also called barranquero parrot. Inside the caves are deep, usually with the zigzag tunnel, where he places 2 eggs of white color semi-bright and quite rounded, with a size of 37 mm. x 31 mm. app

    Paises en donde vive la/el Loro Tricahue


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