Guide of Birds CHILE

Jilguero Cordillerano

  • Familia: Fringillidae
    Genero: Carduelis
    Nombre Cientifico: uropygialis

    LOCAL NAME (S) :
    Canary in the Cordillera mountain range goldfinch

    Mountainous area Atacama Biobio. Registration in the mountains of Arica.

    Rocky slopes, cliffs, bushes, lightly vegetated plains, crop edges in the Andes. Usually between 2500-3500 m; up to 4000 m .; in non-breeding season at lower elevations; very rare to sea level.

    Length:. 14 cms

    Head, neck and upper chest black. Back with finely fringed black feathers greenish yellow. Back, lower chest, abdomen and yellow subcaudal. Black wings with yellow band. Tail blackish with yellow outer tail feathers in their basal half.

    The black and yellow of the male is more alive than in the female.

    Mainly seeds; some insects. They feed on the floor or small shrubs

    Local migration within the mountainous area, depending on the weather or looking for places with the highest number of shrubs and other plants that provide seeds for food.

    The nesting habits are not clear, and apparently seeking suitable places in rocky ledges of inaccessible places, making it very difficult to find a nest of this bird. In addition, during the summer, they can nest couples are very elusive, flying long distances to get lost if they are observed.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Jilguero Cordillerano