Guide of Birds

Cometocino de Gay

  • Familia: Thraupidae
    Genero: Phrygilus
    Nombre Cientifico: gayi

    Local names: cometocino, Andean comeebo, yellow comeebo, yal cabecigrís, Chanchito de la cordillera, Fringilo cordillerano

    Comtocino is native to the Andean region and adjacencies in Chile and Argentina.

    Habitat: In summer, in the cordilleran zone, preferring high valleys well watered. In low winter towards the pre-cordillera, central valley and even the area of the coast.

    Length: 15 - 16 cms.
    Male: Head, neck and top of bluish gray breast, similar to a cap. Around the peak and blackish lorums. Yellow body somewhat olivaceous. Lower abdomen and white subcaudales. Blackish primaries. Blue-gray coverts. Blackish tail with gray edges.
    Female: Bluish gray head and neck lighter than in the male; big white chest with black lines and notorious black malar line. Olive back. Chest and abdomen olivaceo yellow; dirty subcaudales white to grisaceo. Darker wing covers. Flanks somewhat brownish.

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