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Calama is the largest oasis and the main service center Loa province, from this city you can visit the Chuquicamata mine, meeting facilities and observe the extraction of copper excursions to various natural attractions such as spectacular beauty the salt flats at Ascot and Carcote aquatic birds that have an own, especially the parinas huallotos, type Andean flamingos, and jamesis chilensis, coots, and ducks huaychos wild Geysers Geysers, where water and steam erupt violently from the depths of the earth, reaching easily, between 05:30 and 07:00 am, the 10 feet high in wells near the natural hot geysers can enjoy a bath.

In Chiu-Chiu, Lasana Ayquina, Caspana, Toconce and Ollagüe, is the architectural presence of the Aymara and Atacameño, with houses built of adobe or stone and roofed with cacti, reeds and covered with mud and straw. Its people dedicated to grazing and intensive cultivation terraces, preserve customs and ancestral traditions manifested in their daily activities, festivals and crafts.
History of Calama

History of Calama

Early research on the origins of the province "El Loa" the Belgian investigator conducted the Reverend Gustavo Le Paige, who came to our region in 1953. According to archaeological studies, the first inhabitants settled in the region 20,000 years before Christ, being the most advanced culture in South America and the Aborigines considered among the worlds oldest breeds.

Ayllus are primitive social organizations formed by families. When ayllus formed in our region, began to emerge the Valley (currently Calama). The main activity of this valley was Ayllu grazing. Aborigines began to call "kara" which means people in Cunza Language as the number of its inhabitants were numerous. But this valley (Calama) was surrounded by water from the Rio and Las Vegas and the name was changed to "People in the water" (KARA - AMA). After the arrival of the Spanish, the name became simply CALAMA.

Although it is accepted as an official version, there are two more that is good to know. According to the scientist priest Emilio Vaisse, Calama word derived from the term "Ckolam-Ara" (Partridge-Accommodation), meaning "place abounding in partridges. Another version says that Calama means "yellow people", the words "Kalam = Beige" and "Ara = place, people."

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