Guide of Isla Negra, CHILE

Information about Isla Negra

Isla Negra is a locality located in the Central Coast of Chile, in the province of San Antonio, corresponding to the V Region of Valparaiso.

Isla Negra is known to have had one of the most famous inhabitants of Chile, the Poet winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature "Pablo Neruda".
So much was the popularity of the Poet, who baptized the town as Isla Negra, to see a black rock in the sea, near his home. This house, known as Casa de Isla Negra, is currently a museum managed by the Neruda Foundation , where lie the remains of the poet next to those of his wife Matilde.

How to get to Isla Negra:
It is 138 Kilometers from Santiago by the Autopista del Sol or Ruta 78, the trip lasts approximately 1.4 hrs.

In Bus:
There are more than 15 daily departures from Santiago to Isla Negra, the value of Ida is $ 7,400 or USD $ 15 Approximately. You can buy it directly at the bus terminal Alameda-

In Tour:
Ruta Chile leaves from Tuesday to Sunday on its full day tour Isla Negra and Pomaire, the values ??depend on the number of participants in the group. More information Here.
Additionally we have an excursion to visit the 3 houses of Pablo Neruda in 1 day, it is a long tour but if you like history and poetry we recommend it. The Tour is called La Ruta de Neuda. More information Here

The Pablo Neruda Museum - Isla Negra:
Isla Negra House Museum has an audio-guide system. This new system, included in the admission fee, is available in English, French, Portuguese, German, Italian and Spanish.
Your visit to the Museum Houses of the Pablo Neruda Foundation does not require prior reservation. Admission is made in order of arrival and is subject to the availability of seats per day. Only school visits must be booked in advance.
- Poeta Neruda s / n, Isla Negra, El Quisco.
- Phone + 56-35- 2475156
- Phone + 56-35-2469280

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