Guide of Juan Fernandez, CHILE

Information about Juan Fernandez

The Juan Fernandez archipelago is part of the territory of Chile. It is composed of Robinson Crusoe (formerly known as Más a Tierra), Alejandro Selkirk (Mas Afuera), the Santa Clara island and islets minors. They are famous for the novel Robinson Crusoe.

It is located 670 km off the Chilean coast, at the height of the port of San Antonio, although its closest point to the mainland is Loanco, Maule region, where the distance is exactly 600 km.

The climate is maritime with high humidity, and the annual average temperature is 15.3 º C. The average annual rainfall reaches 1041.5 mm rainfall decreases between October and February.
Your Weather Station is not being affected by the thermal spot of the city, as if it occurs in the vast majority of weather stations near large populations.

History of Juan Fernandez

The archipelago was discovered by Spanish sailor Juan Fernández, probably between 1563 and 1574. Officially given as date of its discovery on 22 November 1574. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries was used as a den of pirates and privateers.

In 1749 was built by the Santa Barbara Spanish Fort on the island Mas a Tierra (Robinson Crusoe), as protection against pirates and privateers. It was rebuilt in 1974 and declared a historical monument in 1979. At the time he was protected by 6 forts with artillery. In 1832, the archipelago is visited by Claudio Gay.

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