Guide of Toledo, Spain

Information about Toledo

Toledo is undoubtedly one of the most tourist cities and the best that are preserved throughout Spain.
It has about 90,000 inhabitants and is the third most populous municipality in the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha, after Albacete and Guadalajara.

Toledo is also known as a city of three cultures, due to the coexistence of Christians, Arabs and Jews for centuries.
In Toledo, it retains behind its walls an artistic and cultural legacy in the form of churches, palaces, fortresses, mosques and synagogues. This great diversity of artistic styles makes the old town of the capital of Castilla - La Mancha an authentic open-air museum, a fact that has allowed its declaration as a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

History of Toledo

The history of the city dates back to the Bronze Age. It was an important carpetano center until its Roman conquest in 193 a. C. and there are several remains of Roman activity in the city, such as the aqueduct or the circus. After the Germanic invasions, the city would become with Leovigildo in capital and, later, in main ecclesiastical headquarters of the Visigothic Kingdom.
In 711, after moderate resistance, Toledo was conquered by Muslims led by Táriq ibn Ziyad. During Muslim rule, the ancient Visigothic capital was characterized by its opposition and individualism, concretized in the Taifa of Toledo.
Alfonso VI conquered the city in 1085. During the Modern Age the city stood out as the seat of the Catholic Monarchs and for its participation in the war of the Communities of Castile. When the court moved to Madrid in 1561, the city went into decline, accentuated by the economic crisis of the moment. Already in contemporary times, the city's fortress became a symbol of the Civil War due to its siege and defense.

In 1983 it became the capital of the autonomous community of Castilla-La Mancha, maintaining the capital of the province of Toledo.

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