Guide of Managua, Nicaragua

Information about Managua

Managua is located on the south coast of Lake Managua and is the capital of Nicaragua, as well as the seat of government and state powers.

Managua has a population of around 1,507,330 inhabitants within its municipal limits, the metropolitan area of Managua

History of Managua

There are known human settlements in the area of Managua since pre-Columbian times, it was an indigenous community, it settled on the shores of Lake Xolotlán approximately 15,000 years ago. Archaeological vestiges of this are the Huellas de Acahualinca, which were discovered accidentally in the Acahualinca neighborhood, on the shores of Lake Managua. There are other archaeological evidences, especially in the form of ceramic and volcanic stone statues, stored and exhibited in the National Museum of Nicaragua, in the Palace of Culture.

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