Budapest Parliament

Budapest Parliament. Budapest - Hungary

Direccion: Kossuth Lajos ter 1-3, 1055 Hungria

The Hungarian Parliament is probably the best known building in Budapest. It is the center of the Hungarian legislature and other institutions, such as the Parliament library. It is located in the district V of the city, next to the Danube river, being the main entrance in the Kossuth square.

Built between 1884 and 1902, the Budapest Parliament was the greatest work of its time. It consists of 691 rooms and has dimensions of 268 meters in length and 118 meters in width. It is the third largest parliament in the world after Romania and Argentina.
Its construction demonstrated the economic power of Hungary at the beginning of the century.

The interior is decorated with marble and gold. The building with its symmetrical structure serves to house a bicameral parliament. The north wing houses the office of the prime minister, while the south wing houses those of the President of the Republic of Hungary.

On both sides of the outer staircase there are two statues of lions. The columns are made of vermilion granite 6 meters high and weigh 4 tons each. On the ceiling you can see the allegorical paintings of K?roly Lotz as the "Apotheosis of the legislation" and the "Glorification of Hungary".

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