St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, El Melocoton

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, El Melocoton  Nogales, CHILE St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, El Melocoton .  Nogales - CHILE

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church, El Melocoton . Nogales - CHILE

The St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church and the surrounding buildings-Manse, Liceo Felipe Cortés and nursing homes, are the only existing evidence of the formation of the town of El Melon. The town originated with the name Los Nogales, in the mid-nineteenth century, under the road construction to the north and the exploitation of copper and limestone. The latter activity gave its stamp to the village. In 1906 the cement industry Melon, which attract a large immigration. The St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church and School Liceo Felipe Cortés-now-were the result of the boom.

The buildings were erected in 1920 on the initiative of Mrs. Elizabeth Brown, married to Mr. Joseph Regis Cortes, owner of Hacienda El Melon. Mrs. Brown was noted for the many charities and advance it made to the community, among others, stresses the Catholic University of Valparaiso, institution which was the main facilitator.

In 1929, the benefactor donated the Church and School, whose name recalls a couples son who died prematurely, the bishopric of Santiago. From 1939, at the initiative of Mrs. Brown, "one of whose daughters was Carmelite nun, administered the parish school and the Order of the fathers of this congregation, who did extensive missionary and educational work in the area.

The St. Elizabeth of Hungary Church is a work of great beauty. It was designed by Spanish architect Daneri. Were used in building materials, furniture and pictures brought from Spain, which are now preserved inside. The set is built around a tiled courtyard, highlighting the front of the church, flanked by columns and crowned by the beautiful bell tower.

These buildings are protected as historic monuments officer not only for its architectural and historical merit, but also by the great affection that they are subjected by the villagers of El Melon. It is also important to note the existence of a community development strategy that includes protecting and rescuing cultural and natural properties that are part of the historical heritage of the community of Los Nogales

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