Parinacota Church

Parinacota Church. Parinacota - CHILE

This building is one of the most attractive architectural Parinacota, which was built in the seventeenth century and rebuilt in 1789.

Composed of mud, straw and lime as the main materials, Parinacota Church, stands with their bows and wreaths of pink volcanic rock that are located on the top of the gates in the wall that surrounds it.

Inside, it is possible to envisage colonial saints and saturated colors.


First region. Located 15 miles southeast of Chungar?, 36 kilometers east of Putre A181 miles northeast of Arica and 498 kilometers north of Iquique.


Iquique-Peru: land by the International Pan-American Highway from Iquique and Tacna. Bolivia-Arica: Land route Route CH-11 Tambo Quemado Parinacota crossing towards La Paz in Bolivia.

Any point-Arica port waterway Carlos Ib??ez del Campo. Putre Arica: Land route, by Route CH-11 Arica-Tambo Quemado.

It was declared a National Monument in 1979.

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