Huerta del Maule, San Javier

Huerta del Maule, San Javier

Information about Huerta del Maule, San Javier

The town called Huerta del Maule was founded in 1754, making it the oldest in the province of Linares. In the past, its location and economic power determined his great prominence, for the place that went across the highway called "Ship of the King"-current sector del Morro, in the Maule river, passing by Villavicencio, Nirivilo, Huerta del Purapel Maule and then south.

In 1680, the Franciscan Order of Santiago del Nuevo Extremo, following the request made by the camp master Don Fernando de Mier y Arce, and his son, the Reverend Sunday Mier, founded a convent in what was called "Valley of Vuelta del Maule, a name that simplify use to transform into "Huerta del Maule". This convent served not only an important spiritual mission, and also served as lodging for hikers and travelers, denominándosele Hospice of San Antonio de Unihue.

The presence of the Franciscan Order from the Colony has established the existence in the locality of a deep devotion to San Francisco, which has resulted in religious festivals taking place until today and the past three centuries, combining folklore, history and devotion.

Huerta del Maule gained notoriety and fame through the pen of Mariano Latorre. This writer, a noted exponent of realism, arrived in 1911 to San Javier, and after publishing his famous tales of Maule, addressed the preparation of his great work, Zurzulita novel whose action takes place in the Huerta del Maule. Zurzulita also describes the human drama behind the argument, life, customs, habits and personalities of the locality. They are there portrayed the typical Creole architecture, with corridors, porches, carved pillars, carved stone foundations, roofs Coligan, corner pillars, eaves and shingles. These traditional elements of construction give the people a very special character, which is reinforced by the persistence of customs deeply rooted in local village life, and are also reflected in the novel identified, describing the threshing, harvesting, shearing , the wake of the angel, and so on.

Thus, the typical area of Huerta del Maule delivery official recognition not only the architectural heritage of the locality, but also their history and way of life that has accepted it.

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