Cross of the Third Millennium

Cross of the Third Millennium

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Direccion: Tte Merino 32, Coquimbo - See on the Map
Phone: 9 9221 2607

The Cross of the Third Millennium is a religious memorial monument located on the El Vigía hill in Coquimbo, it was built on the occasion of the jubilee of the year 2000 of the Catholic Church.

The idea was conceived after confirming in several countries of the East and the Old World, that important cities acquired connotation under the reference of monuments in consecration of transcendental events.

That is how, in July 1998, once the ecclesiastical, administrative and technical consultations were made, the determination was made to start this project, work that involved the effort of the entire local community, and where many people were involved in the development of the same. The place chosen for the construction of the structure was the peak of Cerro El Vigía, located at 159 meters above sea level.

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