Christ of Mercy

Christ of Mercy. - Nicaragua

Direccion: San Juan del Sur. Nicaragua

The Cristo de la Misericordia is a sculpture that is 15 meters high, rests on a 9-meter pedestal allowing the structure to total 24 meters high and was placed 110 meters above sea level on a hill of the San Juan del Sur bay in Nicaragua.

A majestic sculpture of the image of Jesus of Mercy, made of fiberglass and metal structure inside, located on top of a viewpoint, owned by Pacific Marlin of San Juan del Sur, is undoubtedly an attraction more than This beautiful seaside resort and a new place of prayer for believers to raise their prayers.

This image of Jesus of Mercy measures 15 meters high, only the sculpture, plus nine meters that measures the base that serves as a pedestal.

Costa Rican sculptor Max Ulloa Rayo, who was the creator of the work, said that the base of Christ is founded at one hundred and ten meters above sea level.

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