Bories in Puerto Natales

Bories in Puerto Natales. Puerto Natales - CHILE

Direccion: Puerto Natales

The history of the Magallanes region is inextricably linked to livestock, so the Fridge Bories in Puerto Natales is an important part of their cultural heritage. The new plant was built between 1912 and 1914 by the company operating in Tierra del Fuego, to fish surplus sheep produced by that company and other livestock enterprises, both Chilean and Argentine operating in the area. It is the only facility of its kind preserved in a more or less satisfactory.

Both the architecture and machinery used in the Fridge express styles and techniques in vogue until the late Industrial Revolution, and particularly in England postvictoriana. The buildings include the declaration of the monument are of brick masonry. This is the graseria (360 sqm), units for the treatment of hides (7,227 square meters in 3 levels), a pavilion where the old smithy, the repair of locomotives and the central office (630 meters square, on one level), and another where there are boilers and power plant (1,032 square feet on three levels). The latter, whose machinery dating from 1912, has survived in office. It is also subject to government protection the loading dock of the establishment, 158 meters long, built of wood.

The establishment is kept running regularly until 1971. That year was expropriated, and various factors began its decline stage, involving the dismantling of the facilities, and culminating with chores to a couple of years ago.

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