Sewell Tour
  • Tour a Sewell

    The program:
    08:30 hrs. Departure from Santiago, in point to define client.
    10:30 hrs. Then travel on Highway SEWELL Copper President Eduardo Frei Montalba, through Maitenes Control. It is followed by splendid mountain road, with panoramic view of the variety of impressive facilities and Plant Mineral El Teniente view. (Hub, Railway Terminal High Caletones Columbus and casting).
    12:00 hrs. Arrival at Sewell Mining Camp. With panoramic overview is given a historical talk of the camp: the special architecture of cabins, buildings for the headquarters, employees, workers, Long Scale, the Staff House, theater, social clubs, external view of the mineral, Black Mountain and church. Entrance to the Museum of the Great Copper Mine.
    15:00 hrs. Departure From Sewell Coya Country Club.
    16:00 hrs. Lunch at Club de Campo Coya.
    19:00 hrs. Arrival to the same starting point, Santiago.

    • Departure days: Saturdays, Previous reservation

    • Start Time08:30
    • End Time19:00

    • Start location: In Private Service, Sewell Tour starts from all Hotels in Central Santiago (Las Condes, Vitacura, Providencia, Santiago)
      Regular service on the tour starts from the Parque Arauco Shopping center

    • Languages: Español, Ingles,

    • Duration: FULL DAY

    • Cancellations and refunds: You have up to 3 business days to cancel your reservation

    • Sewell Tour, Santiago - Chile
      From US$ 71
  • Included

    • Tourist bus transportation, full equipment, air conditioning, audio and video system, authorized to travel on Copper Road.
    • Admission to Museum of the Great Copper Mine.
    • Lunch at Club de Campo Coya. (Includes: main course + salad + drink + dessert + coffee)
    • Insurance

    Not Included

    • In general, anything not specified
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    • BRASIL vanessa coelho From BRASIL
      • 5
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      Published on 2018-07-30

      Excelente Servicio y destino, pero la parte del almuerzo fue terrible. Ademas del minibus tardar muchisimo a llegar en el Hotel donde almorzamos (casi a las 18h), la comida era regular y la calidad del servicio fue malo, habi­a una camarera que no nos trato bien.

    • TAIWAN Hsien Ni From TAIWAN
      • 5
      • 6
      • 6
      Published on 2018-03-19

      Excelente Servicio. Muy recomendables.

    • CHILE hans clausdorff From CHILE
      • 6
      • 6
      • 6
      Published on 2017-09-29

      Excelente Servicio.El guia muy interesante,el conductor muy bueno al igual que el almuerzo

      • 6
      • 6
      • 6
      Published on 2017-09-29

      Excelente Servicio. Enhorabuena

    • CHILE Laura Vergara From CHILE
      • 6
      • 6
      • 6
      Published on 2017-09-25

      Excelente Servicio.

    • CANADA jennifer Hale From CANADA
      • 6
      • 6
      • 6
      Published on 2017-09-12

      Excelente Servicio. A wonderful tour, excellent bus driver and guides. We enjoyed it very much

      • 3
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      • 6
      Published on 2017-07-31

      Deben mejorar la puntualidad del horario de partida, nos citaron a las 8.35 hs y terminamos saliendo alrededor de las 09.15 hs. Hay que destacar al gui­a por su buena predisposicion (Nacho) y el almuerzo que nos sirvieron en Fuente Millan - Rancagua.