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Population of  MALTA

Population of MALTA

Malta has about 500,000 inhabitants, distributed in 1,542 inhabitants per km2 approximately. What makes it a highly dense country in terms of inhabitants per KM2.
Economy of  MALTA

Economy ofMALTA

Malta is an industrialized country with an economy based on the services sector.
Malta has a GDP per capita of almost USD $ 30,000 per person, which makes it a country with high standards and life.

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Localización de  MALTA

Location of MALTA

Malta is an island country member of the European Union, densely populated, located in the center of the Mediterranean, south of Italy, east of Tunisia and north of Libya.
History of  MALTA

History of MALTA

The first settlers of Malta were stone Age farmers who arrived in the archipelago in 5200 BC. C.

Malta gained independence from Great Britain in 1964, but kept Queen Elizabeth II as sovereign. Ten years later, Malta finally became a totally unrelated republic of England, although British generals did not retire until 1979.

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