General Carrera Lake, National Reserve

General Carrera Lake, National Reserve

Information about General Carrera Lake, National Reserve

Located in Region XI, General Carrera Province, Commune of Chile Chico, has an area of 178,400 hectares. It is the largest lake in Chile, even when shared with Argentina. The banks are heavily eroded and dominate high winds that make navigation dangerous even larger vessels. It has a total area of 97,000 Ha and 200 km. long. The lake drains into the lake first and then Bertrand Baker River is the mightiest of Chile.

Access roads

On the Southern Road, 279 km. Coihiaque south, lies the mouth of the lake, where there are very comfortable cabins as well as Bertrand Lake. Can also be reached by barge crossing between Puerto Ibáñez-Chile Chico, then following a path that develops along the rugged southern shore and that surprised by the layout and the cliffs. You can also arrive from Argentina (Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos) by the passage of Chile Chico.

Tourist information

To fish is shipped must be near the drain, where they can take pieces of 5 kg. and 10 kg., it must be very careful with the wind and currents. Bertrand Lake in the Baker River and there are plenty of pools and riparian fit to practice any form of fly fishing.

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