El Nogalar National Reserve of Los Toldos

El Nogalar National Reserve of Los Toldos.  San Ramon de la Nueva Oran - ARGENTINA
El Nogalar National Reserve of Los Toldos.  San Ramon de la Nueva Oran - ARGENTINA

El Nogalar National Reserve of Los Toldos. San Ramon de la Nueva Oran - ARGENTINA

The reserve is located 1 kilometer from the town of Los Toldos, close to the Baritú National Park, in the fringe of the montane forests and the fog pastures of the phytogeographic province of the yungas, at an altitude between 1600 and 3500 meters above sea level, its name refers to the large number of criollos nogales existing in the area.

The National Reserve El Nogalar de Los Toldos was created by National Law No. 26,129 in 2006. It is located in the town of Los Toldos, in the Department of Santa Victoria, in the province of Salta.

Its approximate surface is 3,275 hectares, which make up a large water basin in which are the sources of the Huaico Grande River. This supplies hydroelectric energy, water for consumption and irrigation to Los Toldos, it is the main tributary of the Toldos River and later of the Bermejo River.

Flora and Fauna
Flora: In the lowlands you can see impressive forests of walnut trees that give name to the reserve.
The reserve protects the upper altitudinal floors of the Yungas, from 1,600 meters above sea level, through the montane forest, composed of walnut trees, cedars and pine trees of important diameter, which are squashed between alisares and some queñoas that go giving way to the high grasslands in the peaks of Cerro Bravo and San José of more than 3,000 meters above sea level

Fauna: In the lower areas you can see red squirrels (Sciurus ignitus). While the high areas protect the taruca or deer, declared a National Natural Monument.
It is also possible to see pumas, corzuelas, peccaries, skunks, ferrets, squirrels, gray fox, reptiles such as the yarará, different snakes, lizards, and amphibians such as the red-bellied toad endemic to the eco-region.

Tropical mountain with dry season. The average temperatures go from 24 ° C in summer (with maximums that exceed 30 ° C) and 14 ° C in winter (with minima below zero). Rainfall reaches 2,000 mm per year concentrated in the summer season and usually snows in the high areas during the colder months.

How to get to El Nogalar de Los Toldos National Reserve
By car: From Salta capital take the national route No. 9, then the national route No. 34 entering the province of Jujuy through the city of Libertador Gral. San Martin to the town of Salta Pichanal, then take the national route No. 50 passing through the city of Oran to Aguas Blancas, border with the country of Bolivia.

Previous migratory and customs procedures, you enter Bolivia to travel through Pan-American Highway No. 1 until you reach Los Toldos crossing, before arriving at La Mamora (Bolivian village).

They are approximately 110 km from the international bridge Aguas Blancas / Bermejo).

From the Los Toldos junction, you will pass by Provincial Route Nº 19 about 25 km along a consolidated road, until you reach the town of Los Toldos.

In public transport: Several regular passenger transport lines arrive to the city of Oran or to Aguas Blancas, border limit.

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