Lucayan National Park

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Lucayan National Park. - BAHAMAS

Direccion: al este de Freeport
Phone: +1 242-352-5438

Located east of Freeport, Lucayan National Park can be explored on foot or by kayak.

In its 16 hectares, several ecosystems (beaches, such as the beautiful Gold Rock Beach, mangrove, submerged and emerged caves that serve as a refuge for bats ...) and many more wonders come together.

For centuries, before the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Bahamas, the indigenous tribes of Lucaya lived on the 16 hectares of fresh water and the abundant fish in the park. Walk the creepy Cave of the Burial Mound, where bones and objects from the ancient tribes of Lucaya were found.

Descend to the mouths of the two main caves of the park and admire the deep blue water and the natural rock formations from the viewpoints. Get special permission to dive in these fascinating caves; A unique opportunity to explore part of one of the world's largest underwater cave systems. You can also go kayaking through the mangroves of the park and watch waterfowl and saltwater fish.

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