Tolhuaca National Park

Tolhuaca National Park . Victoria - CHILE

Direccion: Region de La Araucania, en las comunas de Collipulli y Curacautín, provincia de Malleco.

The Tolhuaca National Park is located in the foothills of the Andean foothills and cordillera of the province of Malleco, in the district of Victoria, in an area of ​​6,474 ha.

How to get to the Tolhuaca National Park:
Way of Inspector Fernandez to the Malleco lagoon, leaves from the longitudinal South road, 5 km. north of the city of Victoria, gravel road and land, passable in summer only.

Road from Curacautín to Termas de Tolhuaca (34 km.) And from there to the National Park, passable in summer.

Tourist Information:
Administration of the area:
It is located on the shores of the Malleco lagoon, 9 km. of the southeast access of the Park.

Ranger Office:
It is located on the shores of Laguna Malleco.

Camping areas:
Located on the southeast bank of Lake Malleco, immediately adjacent to the administration. Single area, with 25 sites with water and a collective shed.

Areas of Snack: On the banks of the Malleco lagoon, consists of 6 sites with inn, stove and garbage.

Hiking trails:
Path Prados de Mesacura:
12 km of extension. Visit all day It is possible to observe a great vegetational variety, beautiful landscapes and fauna.

Sendero Lagunillas:
12 km of extension. Visit for the whole day. It is possible to observe great vegetational variety, beautiful landscapes and fauna.

Laguna Verde Trail:
8 km extension, 6 hours round trip. You can see landscapes, the valley of the Malleco river, waterfalls, etc.

El Salto Trail:
Self-guided, 1,800 m.

Out-of-area services:
Gasoline: Curacautín, 43 km. and Victoria
Telephone: Curacautín, San Gregorio
First Aid: Curacautín, San Gregorio
Sale of food: Victory to 65 km. and Curacautín.

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