Los Cardones National Park

Los Cardones National Park

Information about Los Cardones National Park

Direccion: RN40, Payogasta, Salta, Argentina - See on the Map
Phone: +54 3868 49-6005
Web: www.parquesnacionales.gob.ar

Los Cardones National Park is located in the department of Cachi, west center of the province of Salta. It covers an area of ​​64,117 hectares that house environments of the High Andes, Puna, Monte de Sierras and Bolsones and Yungas ecoregions.

Most of the area has a clearly arid climate: dry and warm with average temperatures of 11ºC in winter (with minimums slightly below 0ºC) and 18ºC in summer (with maximum temperatures of 30ºC).

Flora and Fauna
Flora: This National Park conserves a dense sample of cardón or pasacana (Trichocereus pasacana), also cacti of the species Echinopsis atacamensis.

Fauna: The fauna includes some rare or threatened species, such as the pajonal cat (Leopardus colocolo) or the red foxes (Lycalopex culpaeus) and gray (Lycalopex gymnocercus).
In addition to guanacos, chinchillones, armadillos

How to get to Los Cardones National Park
By car: From the city of Salta, by national routes 68 and provincial 33 (97 km to Piedra del Molino -entrada east of the park- and 147 to Payogasta, its administrative headquarters).