El Leoncito National Park

El Leoncito National Park. Uspallata - ARGENTINA

Direccion: Av. Pres. Roca, Barreal, San Juan
Phone: +54 2648 44 1240
Web: www.parquesnacionales.gob.ar/areas-protegidas/region-centro/pn-el-leoncito/

El Leoncito National Park is located in the southwest of the province of San Juan, in the Department of Calingasta, on the western slopes of the Sierra del Tontal.
It reaches an area of 89,900 hectares, in which the eco-region of Monte de Sierras and Bolsones, Puna and Altos Andes are intermingled.

Flora and Fauna
The Mountain of Sierras and Bolsones extends exhibiting its characteristics and resinous jarillas, by the valleys lower, to about 1,600 meters on the level of the sea. Here you can also find specimens of a species at risk of extinction, the retamo (Bulnesia retama), above, in the foothills and the edges of the mountains, up to 4300 meters above sea level, you can see the characteristic nature of the Puna and the High Andes
We can see in this Park guanacos, suris or ñandúes petisos, cuises, red foxes and pumas among others

How to get to El Leoncito National Park
By car:
From the city of San Juan, by national run 40 to Talacasto, RP 436 and RP 12 to Calingasta / Barreal, and RP 412 to the access to the park
From Mendoza, by RN 7 until Uspallata, and from there RP 39 until the access to the park.

In Bus:
To get to Barreal from the city of San Juan, buses depart daily from the company "El Triunfo" (Tel: 0264-4214532). The frequencies and schedules are the following:
San Juan-Barreal: 08:30 and 20:30 hs.
Barreal-San Juan: 02:30 and 14:30 hs.
Every day. From the city of Mendoza, passing through Uspallata and arriving at Barreal. Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: 18 hs. (service of Andesmar Agencia Barreal 0261- 156155838)

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