Guide of Fauna

Papion Sagrado

  • Familia: Cercopithecidae
    Genero: Papio
    Nombre Cientifico: hamadryas

    Local Names: Holy Papion, Papion, hamadryas baboon and Egyptian sacred baboon, hamadryad

    The sacred papion is a species of primate catarrhine of the Cercopithecidae family that lives in the semi-deserts, dry savannas and rocky areas of Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia.

    Al Papio hamadryas are seen in rocky places and in the plains where there are areas of little vegetation or not very high vegetation. It is documented from sea level to 3,300 meters elevation.

    The Sacred Papion is of diurnal and terrestrial habits, although it can climb trees and sometimes it does.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Papion Sagrado