Guide of Fauna


  • Familia: Hippopotamidae
    Genero: Hippopotamus
    Nombre Cientifico: amphibius

    The hippopotamus is a mammal that lives in sub-Saharan Africa. The diet is mainly composed of grass, although it has been observed feeding on small animals or carrion.

    The Hippopotamus has a barrel-shaped body, with short legs, and a large head adapted for aquatic life. The eyes, ears and nose are on the same level as the top of the head.
      The head-body length is 320-420 cm in the males and 280-370 cm in the females, the height is 130-165 cm.
    The males weigh about 1500-3200 kg, the females 1350-2500 kg.

    The Hipopotamo is a vulnerable species and runs the risk of losing 30 of its population in its natural habitat in the next 10 years.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Hipopotamo