Guide of Fauna


  • Familia: Procyonidae
    Subfamilia: Procyoninae
    Genero: Nasua
    Nombre Cientifico: narica

    The ring-tailed coati is an arboreal carnivorous mammal soft brown skin and a great sense of smell. It has a long prehensile tail not, which have white rings. Is between 41 and 67 cms. head to the base of the tail, but it can reach up to 60 cms. They weigh between 3 and 8 kg, for the male can become twice the size of the female. Their diet includes small animals, fruits and eggs.
    The raccoon was introduced in the Archipelago of Juan Fernandez to kill mice that reached the islands with the arrival of the first ships. However, they finished eating the young chicks and shearwaters place, so they are now considered a pest.

    Habitat: It lives in jungle or semi-jungle humid environment or near water bodies

    Paises en donde vive la/el Coati