Guide of Fauna

Chingue de la Patagonia

  • Familia: Mephitidae
    Genero: Conepatus
    Nombre Cientifico: humboldtii

    Local names: zorrino de la patagonia, chingue from Patagonia, skunk from patagonia.

    Very similar in appearance to the common skunk (Conepatus chinga). It is characterized by its long and soft fur, dark brown or reddish brown. The white bands are usually joined at the forehead and are continued backwards by the sides of the tail, whose end is white.

    Habitat: Live in transition steppes and open forests. It is also often seen near human dwellings. From sea level to 700 meters high.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Chingue de la Patagonia