Guide of Birds


  • Familia: Rhinocryptidae
    Genero: Pteroptochos
    Nombre Cientifico: megapodius

    NAME (S) LOCAL (EN):

    Turkish, Turkish

    Distribution: Endemic

    Only found in Chile,
    from Coquimbo to Concepción

    Habitat: semi-arid hills of the Central Valley, and coastal mountain range pre-Andes foothills to 3,000 m


    Length: 23-24 cms
    Head, neck, back, wings and tail smoky coffee. Supracaudals brownish back and rufous. White brow line. White throat, color extending to the sides of the I strain. Neck and upper chest light brown with rufous dyes. Lower chest, abdomen and flanks of coffee and black striped white. Black beak. Black legs.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Turca

    CHILE -

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