Guide of Birds

Tijeral Andino

  • Familia: Furnariidae
    Genero: Leptasthenura
    Nombre Cientifico: andicola

    Mamiña registration, Tarapaca Region

    High and temperate zones of the Andes.

    Length: 17-18 cms.
    Chestnut crown and nape streaked with black. White chest lined with soft reddish; rest of underparts pale brown, somewhat striped with white. Brown wings. Central feathers with long dark brown feathers with white side on the outer edges Cola.

    This species is found in high and temperate areas of the Andes from Venezuela in the north to Ecuador, Peru and northwestern Bolivia. In "The Birds of Chile" Johnson (1967) to give Chile the nearest subspecies (L. a. Peruviana), an area between southern Arequipa and Puno, and to the northwest of Bolivia in its border with Peru .

    Paises en donde vive la/el Tijeral Andino


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