Guide of Birds

Parina grande

  • Familia: Phoenicopteridae
    Genero: Phoenicoparrus
    Nombre Cientifico: andinus

    Local names: Parina, Andean parinagua, Andean flamenco, Paruela, Tococo, Jututu, Chururu

      Length: 110 - 120 cms.
    All white plumage with very soft pink tint; Pink more intense on the front of the neck and upper chest. Wing covers with red spots. Primary and secondary black, also notorious with the wing collected. Yellow beak in the basal half and black rest. Paws soft yellow.

    Worldwide, there are 6 species of flamingos; 3 present in Chile, similar to each other, can be differentiated mainly by the color of their beaks and legs.

    Distribution and habitat:
    It is typical of the central region of the Andes, encompassing a territory that goes from southern Peru, to the central regions of Chile and Argentina, including western Bolivia. Its habitat includes from regions located at sea level to high Andean lagoons and salt flats.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Parina grande