Guide of Birds

Faisán Venerado

  • Familia: Phasianidae
    Subfamilia: Phasianinae
    Genero: Syrmaticus
    Nombre Cientifico: reevesii

    Local Names: venerated pheasant, Faisan, Vene, Reeve
    The venerated pheasant is known in English as Reeves pheasant, in honor of the British naturalist John Reeves, who introduced the species to Europe in 1831.

    It is an animal considered monogamous in its natural habitat, but not in captivity. In the nuptial stop, the male swells and flaps his wings keeping the right body, then emits a series of sharp cries while approaching the female performing concentric circles.

    The male has a bright and striking color, an important attribute during courtship. The face is white from the peak to the round of the choker. It presents a black band as a mask that surrounds the head from the back to the eyes, characteristic by which is also called fox pheasant. The chest has characteristic brown feathers on the edges, white on the rest with a stitch or thick streak in the middle. The tarsus is completely black, while at the beginning of the tail it has golden feathers with the same black dots or stripes in the center. The wings are completely white at the top and surrounded by a black line, while the feathers are completely striped black and golden yellow.

    Paises en donde vive la/el Faisán Venerado