Guide of Birds

Cazamoscas Chocolate

  • Familia: Tyrannidae
    Genero: Neoxolmis
    Nombre Cientifico: rufiventris

    Local names: Chocolate, monjita chocolate, viudita chocolate, gaúcho-chocolate

    Habitat: preferably in open shrublands

    Length: 24 cms.
    In general smoky gray. Sides of the face and black headphones. Abdomen, flanks, subcaudales and subalares red brick. Black wings, with the two external primaries marginalized; secondary internal chestnuts finished in white, and external black dotted with white; Smoky gray wing covers marginalized in white. Black tail with whitish border; lateral recrir with white external beard. Black beak Black legs

    The Chocolate Flycatcher is a bird that lives in the area of ??Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, migrating in winter to the north of Argentina and Uruguay. Not very abundant in Chile, species are also recorded in the Magallanes region, where they should surely nest. Couve and Vidal (1999) mention it as a scarce summer species in P. N. Torres del Paine.

            Easily recognizable by its gray color and the rufous tones in the abdomen, flanks and subalares. Of terrestrial customs, it usually runs on the ground, looking for its food consisting of coleoptera and other insects, and perches in low shrubs but never on trees. Sociable bird, it can be seen in flocks of up to 20 birds and many times in the company of plovers. Your flight is cheerful and playful; and on the floor nervously opens and closes the tail.

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