Guide of Chicago, IL, UNITED STATES

Information about Chicago, IL

Chicago also known as the City of Winds, is the third city with the largest number of inhabitants in the United States.

Chicago is located in the state of Illinois, along the southwest coast of Lake Michigan, and is the seat of Cook County.

The city of Chicago is divided into 77 neighborhoods or community areas. The designation of the community area is more useful as a historical curiosity, since they are considered more durable than the names of the neighborhoods, since these may change over time due to urban renewal, elitization and the constant absorption of the immigrant population.

History of Chicago, IL

According to the stories of the Spanish explorers of the 17th century, the Illinois Indians (Potawatomis) were the first to claim a territory they called "Chicaugou", and that means powerful, strong or large, and that was used by many tribal chiefs to mean that they were "big" bosses. In 1795, the area was "ceded" by the natives to the US. UU. by the Treaty of Greenville for its use.

Although Chicago suffered a number of problems, including the massacre of Fort Dearborn by a tribe of hostile Indians and the 1812 War between the United States and Britain, it managed to maintain its territorial possessions and expand its boundaries. On August 12, 1833, the city of Chicago was formally founded, when it had a population of less than 200 inhabitants.

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