Termas de Pueyehue


Termas de Puyehue

Termas Puyehue Wellness & SPA Resort is located north of the Chilean Patagonia, surrounded by an impressive forest of 107,000 hectares which together with rivers and lakes, make this area a spectacular nature sanctuary to protect and develop biodiversity.

Our hotel offers an all-inclusive Sunica concern is to relax, enjoy and feel the elements accompanying him during his stay service.

The bright green around us penetrates our skin and we spread the purity of the forest, renews us, brings us back to life unexpectedly. The blue thermal water becomes the natural ingredient of Wellness & SPA that allows us to return to our usual way differently. There are no words to explain it, you should feel.

Termas de Puyehue is inserted into one of the most beautiful places in southern Chile, where continuaa establishing a new style of hospitality elite in Chile, reaffirming the growing need to have a varied and innovative range for various visitors.

Termas Puyehue is located in the Puyehue National Park, a nature sanctuary of 107,000 acres of beautiful forests, rivers and lakes. Among the main attractions of the Puyehue park, one of most visited National Parks in the Tenth Region, are the biodiversity of their native flora and fauna, waterfalls Del Indio, The Princess and The Betrothed, gaps Mirror, The Cup lakes El Encanto, Chico and Toro Toro.

Puyehue is located close to major cities in the Tenth Region as Osorno, Puerto Varas, Frutillar, Puerto Montt and a little beyond the city of Valdivia, part of the newly created Region de los Rios. On the east it lies a few kilometers away from two beautiful cities in Argentina such as Bariloche and Villa La Angostura. One advantage that the resort has is found in the way of traffic forced to Patagonia Argentina, which offers ski resorts, gastronomy, landscapes and charming towns like Esquel and San Martin de Los Andes. North instead, the great lakes region of La Araucania with cities such as Villarica and Pucon, Termas Puyehue located at the epicenter of southern tourism. The hotel is located only two hours flight from Santiago and 45 minutes drive from Osorno, while the east is only 15 minutes from the border crossing Cardenal Samore.

Among the benefits of being in the privileged environment of the Puyehue National Park are its scenic beauty and diversity of flora, birds and native wildlife. It is also the natural habitat where roam free in areas near Pudu, puma, deer and other introduced species such as wild boar and hares. Therefore, we ask you your help in protecting the natural environment and at the same time we want to warn you that since wildlife and caution should always be kept away before his possible sighting.