Puma Lodge - How to get

Puma Lodge - How to get

Puma Lodge - Location

Puma Lodge is located 1,325 meters high, in the Cordillera of the Andes, where you can access to a magnificent nature, of great beauty and contrast, in the midst of a varied geography.

Its vast territory of more than 3,000 km2, ranging from the Maipo Valley in the north to the south Tinguiririca river, the River The Cypress National Reserve in the west and the border with Argentina to the east. This area also contains the largest number of glaciers in Patagonia Chile after.

Arrive at Puma Lodge is an experience in itself: cypress forests, high mountains and the "Copper Road", which talks about the Chilean culture from its mining. To begin an adventurous journey, we recommend reading the directions to Puma Lodge by Noi Hotels.

1. From Santiago must take Highway 5 South to the city of Rancagua

2. In the city of Rancagua should follow signs to continue on the "Copper Road", then the axis formed by Millan Avenue (street along the foundation up to the south). At mile 0 there is a roundabout where the Monument to Eduardo Frei Montalva, President of the Republic in which period this road was built.

3. After passing through the city of Machalí, where in the area called "White Land" is the "Monument to the mining family," you must take the designated route to the village of Gultro, located 2 km south of the bridge Cachapoal crossing the river.

4. On reaching the village of Gultro should take the detour to Cauquenes heading towards the East or the mountains.

From this point, you're on your way to get to the most spectacular Southern Hemisphere Lodge. To make your journey safer, more detailed information:

  • The first deviation occurs at km 25. You must take the road to the right, heading east toward Coya.
  • At km 27 we Calyptra Vine.
  • The second deviation occurs at km 31. You must take the road to the right, heading east toward Coya.
  • At km 32 you'll be able to see a security post CODELCO and a petrol station company Terpel. At this point there is a fork where the left leads to Maitenes. You must turn right.
  • Then, by the way, there is a rising curve a police checkpoint and a white bridge.Welcome to Coya! In the first block, you must turn left at a small roundabout. Cross the city through a long narrow street, surrounded by houses in height, stationed on the hill.
  • At km 33.5 we said goodbye to the city and the dirt road we started Puma Lodge.
    After traveling four miles to the left is observed, on the hillside, the famous "caterpillar", an old wooden pipe made to bring water from the mountains to El Teniente ore.
  • At km 40, on the right an orange bridge is observed, however you should go straight without crossing it, to keep the people of Chacayes way, a traditional village with few houses around, dirt roads and a croissant.
  • At km 40.7 is the third trap. It should go straight to Pangal, a path that has followed two very sharp bends (handle with care). After this you should turn right, towards hydro, where a small bridge over the river called Chacayes the same name.
  • At km 40.9 is the first gate that protects your privacy and security during your stay at Puma Lodge. From here continue along a gravel road for 17 km, in very good condition. Signage should be respected, as constantly passing heavy vehicles.
  • At km 53, the right of the road, a closure with wooden planks, over 1 km in length is observed. This is to protect loreras Burrowing Parrot, a protected and endangered species in our country.
  • At km 56 you come to a fork, where you should take the left path, continually rise.
  • At km 58 the road narrows, handled with care, you're just 7 7 kilometers of Puma Lodge.
  • At km 61 we found a security door for animals (horses, mountain lions, etc..) Do not approach the people. That's why we ask you to leave it closed chain listed there.
  • There is a fork in the 62 km. According to signage, you should go straight (on the right are going to a police roadblock).
  • At km 63.5 intersects a second security door for animals, which is normally open.
  • At km 63.7 is up last and third safety.
  • Home of the slope reaches Puma Lodge.
  • km 65 : Arrival at Puma Lodge.