Maipo Valley, CHILE
Undurraga Vinery

Undurraga Vinery

Founded in 1885 by Don Francisco Undurraga, it is one of the oldest wineries in Chile. In the middle of the Maipo Valley, in the Santa Ana farm, the founder planted the first grapes, which was the beginning of a project that spread through the main areas of the country: Alto Maipo, Leyda, Rapel and Cauquenes among others.

With 130 years of experience, Viña Undurraga produces unique wines from specific origins, reflecting the best of the terroirs and valleys of Chile.

Visit us and discover the centenary trajectory of the vineyard. Through a glass of wine decipher the enigmas, flavors, aromas and history immersed within the fields. We will be happy to assist you and provide you with the best experience.
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Direccion: Camino a Melipilla · km 34 · Talagante · Chile
Telefono: (56 2) 2372 2900
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Los Vinos de Undurraga Vinery

Maipo Valley

In full metropolitan region is one of the areas with more wine tradition of the country, next to the Rio Maipo. It was in this area where the first vines benefited from excellent weather conditions and soil between the Andes mountains and the coast were founded. It currently has some 10,000 hectares planted.

With taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate with frost at specific times, the finest wines of the country, especially Cabernet Sauvignon strain emerges with its intense color, delicate aromas and fruity tones are removed.

The vineyards are located throughout the Maipo Valley, along the river of the same name, from the foothills of the Andes, at a height of 800 m / s / n / m to Isla de Maipo and Talagante to southwest of Santiago. This area is inserted into the head of the Central Valley. Its natural boundaries are, on the east, the Andes and the west, the Cordillera de la Costa; It has a natural slope from east to west in the first reaching 1,000 m / s / n / m and descending to the west with an average of 500-600 m / s / n / m. For its topography, growing grapes varies within just mentioned heights, usually ranging gentle slopes. The most relevant and nearby rivers are the Maipo and Mapocho, both torrential flow in the months of rain and snowmelt coming from the Andes.